At Klove Chef, we see a future where anyone and everyone can create delicious meals in their home tailored to their taste, needs, and aspirations. We want to help families and friends explore recipes, enjoy cooking together, and know their meal is prepared perfectly… every time.

An intuitive cooking experience, customized just for you.


Free your hands

voice guided recipes

Our Voice-guided recipes allow you to keep your hands focused on what you are chopping, cutting, slicing and searing!

Did we mention… your phone and tablet are now away from messy hands and those oh-so-dangerous liquids!



klove chef tips

Avoid cooking disasters

Klove Chef will give you tips on what to do to speed things along, as well as what not to do to ensure your meal is cooked perfectly.



dynamic timers

cook with peace of mind

Klove's smart timers will set automatically ensuring your food is cooked perfectly. You now can cook knowing that your timers are automatically set and will make sure your food isn’t undercooked or burnt!



cook amazing food, anywhere

Stay connected

Klove Chef goes where you go because it’s on your phone! Need to know what is in a recipe while you’re in the store, just ask Klove Chef to pull it up.



smart shopping list

shop worry free

From family classics to healthy, weeknight dinners, our recipe-based ingredient shopping list makes easy to cook delicious for your friends and family.