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About Us

At Klove Chef, we see a future where anyone and everyone can create delicious meals in their home tailored to their taste, needs, and aspirations. We want to help families and friends explore recipes, enjoy cooking together, and know their meal is prepared perfectly… every time.

We bring together: your favorite ingredients, meal kits, cookbooks, chefs tips, appliances, intelligence, personalized taste, voice assistance and a little love to create a unique Klove Chef, just for you.

After all, isn’t love always the secret ingredient?


The Klove Team

The Klove Chef team is made up of IOT thought leaders, chefs, and entrepreneurs with over 30+ years of experience in the technology and food space.

The founder, and the team's fearless leader, Bahubali Shete was awarded as an IOT Thought Leader 2017. Klove was accepted into Food-X, the world's largest food accelerator, and proudly part of Cohort 6 (Fall 2017.)

Our key advisors and mentors